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Greyson Legal is a boutique commercial law firm based in Scarborough on the north-side of Brisbane, with a niche legal practice area advising participants within the franchising sector.

The Principal of the firm has 20 years legal experience with a depth of knowledge and skills to assist our clients with accurate, timely and cost effective advice and assistance.  


Greyson Legal have extensive experience and expertise in franchise law. 

We represent both Franchisors and Franchisees.

Our Franchisor clients utilise the unique services we can provide to assist them in expanding their  businesses through a franchising growth strategy.

We have assisted our Franchisee clients to acquire, sell and manage businesses associated with numerous leading brands and across various industries from cleaning, to cafes, to fitness, to specialty retail.



 Commercial law is a broad area of law which covers commerce, business, property, leasing, contracts, finance, insurance, chattels, employment, corporate and the like.

As a commercial law firm, Greyson Legal provide legal advice and transaction document preparation across the full range of commercial law matters.



 Intellectual property (IP) and protection of rights related to IP is an important issue not only within the franchising sector but also for business owners more generally and others involved in the creation of works, inventions and the like.

The value of IP as an asset is often underestimated by IP owners, resulting in IP not being protected and thereby increasing the risk of IP infringement by others.

Greyson Legal can assist in identifying and implementing legal solutions to help you protect and maximise the value of your IP. 



 As part of our commercial law practice, it is not uncommon for our clients to also need assistance with more personal legal matters, such as in relation to Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advanced Health Directives and Succession planning.

We liaise closely with a number of accountants, financiers and financial planners to make sure our clients' needs in this area are being met. 


See our Blog for publications, articles, case notes and general information related to law, franchising, IP, business, succession law  and  the like.

Our Fees

 At Greyson Legal our philosophy is to provide certainty about fees and costs to our clients. Our clients appreciate knowing in advance what costs are likely to be. It leaves us to concentrate on doing the legal work you need whilst at the same time you have peace of mind knowing you won't receive surprise bills in excess of what you are expecting.

We endeavour to adopt a fixed fee approach were we can.

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P.O. Box 61, Sandgate, Qld 4017

Telephone: 1300 667 362

Facsimile: 07 3910 1102

Email: info@greysonlegal.com.au

Web: www.greysonlegal.com.au


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