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Greyson Legal is a boutique commercial law firm representing clients in Brisbane and the broader metropolitan area. 

We offer a range of niche legal services with a focus on providing affordable, timely and accurate legal advice and consultation.

Our legal practices areas

Franchise Law

Looking for experienced Brisbane franchise lawyers ?

We represent Franchisors and Franchisees

Franchisor Legal Services

  • Franchise system setup
  • Franchisor advice
  • Franchise consulting
  • Franchise structuring
  • Franchising and intellectual property
  • Franchising Code of Conduct compliance

Franchisee Legal Services

  • How to buy a Franchise
  • How to sell a Franchise
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Disclosure Documents
  • Franchise law advice
  • Franchise dispute resolution

Intellectual Property Law

Need a Brisbane trade mark lawyer ?  Contact Greyson Legal for details on how we can help you. Call (07) 3142 0463

  • Trade mark registration 
  • Trade mark searching
  • Trade mark advice
  • Copyright advice
  • Protecting trade secrets
  • IP audits
  • IP infringement enforcement
  • IP Agreements
  • IP Licensing
  • Designs
  • Patents
  • Commercialising IP
  • Intellectual property advice

Business Law

Looking for a Brisbane Business Lawyer ? We can assist you with all facets of business law. Contact us: 

  • Start-up business legal advice
  • How to structure a Business
  • Selling a Business
  • Buying a Business
  • Business Agreements
  • Business disputes
  • Business law advice

Employment Law

Need an Employment Agreement ? Contact Greyson Legal

  • Employment Agreement preparation, review and advice
  • Confidentiality Deeds
  • Non-Compete Deeds
  • Employment and intellectual property
  • Contractor Agreement drafting, review and advice
  • Employment law advice
  • Contractor Advice

Commercial  Law

We provide a range of commercial legal document drafting services and legal advice

  • Contract preparation, review and advice
  • Consumer law
  • Statutory compliance
  • Trust preparation, review and advice
  • MOUs | heads of agreement 
  • JVAs |  Partnership agreements
  • Licenses 
  • Deeds of indemnity/release | Disclaimers
  • Chattel sale agreements
  • Distribution agreements | Service agreements 
  • Hire agreements
  • Caretaker | Management agreements
  • Transport agreement
  • Commercial  law advice

Property Law

Looking for a Brisbane Property Lawyer ? Contact Greyson Legal. Call (07) 3142 0463

  • Buying commercial property
  • Selling commercial property
  • Strata Title
  • Retirement villages
  • Manufactured homes advice
  • Put and call option advice 
  • Easements | Caveats 
  • Statutory compliance
  • Commercial property law advice

Are you looking for a Brisbane lawyer ? Contact Greyson Legal for an obligation free discussion on how we can help you

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