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Commercialising IP essentially means the process undertaken to get your products or services into the market place.

In order to effectively commercialise your IP there are a number of matters which need to be dealt with. Obtaining guidance from appropriate professionals experienced in IP and its exploitation is an important component to the commercialisation process.

The IP Commercialisation may involve various aspects, including, among others:

  • assessing resources available
  • funding arrangements
  • competitor analysis
  • marketing strategy
  • determining supply and sales channels
  • costs and pricing
  • developing business plans
  • deciding whether to commercialise alone or collaboratively with other partners
  • maintaining confidentiality arrangements with relevant parties
  • whether to offer licensing arrangements on exclusive or non-exclusive basis
  • whether to adopt a franchise model
  • whether to transfer or assign some or all of the IP rights to others
  • who owns any improvements made to the IP
  • etc 

How can Greyson Legal assist with Commercialising IP

As IP Lawyers, we can provide advice in regards to the legal framework around your IP, such as, helping you to protect your IP from competitors and others during the commercialisation phase.

In particular, Greyson Legal can assist with:

  • drafting, reviewing and advising on IP licensing agreements
  • drafting, reviewing and advising on Confidentiality Agreements and Deeds of Restraint
  • conducting IP due diligence
  • conducting IP audits
  • assisting with acquisition and sale of intellectual property assets, including IP Transfer/Assignment and ancillary documentation
  • advising on issues relating to IP ownership
  • advising on laws which may impact on intellectual property rights
  • assisting with IP management strategies
  • advising on IP protection
  • preparation, review and advice re Franchise Agreements (including advice on compliance with the Franchising Code of Conduct)
  • preparation, review and advice re Distribution Agreements and associated IP rights
  • advising on IP matters related to the purchase or sale of Businesses
  • assisting with branding strategies
  • preparing, reviewing and advising on Confidentiality and non-disclosure Agreements
  • drafting, reviewing and advising on Term Sheets
  • undertaking IP research
  • preparing, reviewing and advising on IP Collaboration Agreements
  • general IP advice

Contact Greyson Legal for further information on how we can assist with identifying, protecting and commercialising your IP.



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