For Franchisors

Not everyone is suited to being a franchisee. As a Franchisor, the franchisee recruitment selection process is an important element of the overall franchise model. Selecting the wrong people as franchisees not only can adversely impact upon:

  • the franchisee's emotional wellbeing; and

  • the financial viability of the franchisee's business,

but can also:

  • lead to poor morale for other franchisees in the franchise system

  • erode the brand's marketing power

  • affect the reputation of the Franchisor; and

  • impact on the franchise model as a whole.

For Franchisees

If you are a prospective franchisee, it is important you understand what you are getting with before committing to a franchise system, such as:

  • be realistic in your expectations about being part of a franchise model

  • have the right attitude and mind-set to be a franchisee

  • have the required skill-set to make the franchise business successful

  • are you the right "fit" for the franchise model based on your background and intentions

  • are comfortable with:

    • following a system

    • abiding by an Operations Manual

    • following directions from a Franchisor; and

    • adapting to changes in procedure in line with evolution of the system.