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Property law can be a complex legal area due the various transactional processes involved and the different legislation and regulations that apply. The Principal of Greyson Legal has extensive experience in property law matters gained from nearly 20 years in the legal industry. At Greyson Legal we provide a range of property law legal services.

If you are looking for legal assistance with your property law matter, we are confident we can help you. 

What can we assist you with ?

Conveyancing is concerned with the legal process of transferring ownership in title to residential real property from the seller to a buyer, pursuant to the terms and conditions of a contract. 

Commercial and industrial property is concerned with buying and selling non-residential real property, which might consist of:- industrial land, commercial offices, factories, sheds and warehouses, and the like. 

A Put and Call Option is an agreement between the Seller of property (“Grantor”) and another person or entity (“Grantee”) under which the Grantor gives the Grantee a right (“Call Option”) to buy the property from the Grantor; and a Grantee gives the Grantor a right (“Put Option”) to sell the property to the Grantee. 

Off-the-plan property purchases entail the acquisition of property which has not been formally registered with the Land Titles Office at the time the Contract is signed. 

An easement is a set of rights given by a land owner (“Grantor”) to another party (“Grantee”) to use a portion of land for a particular purpose, such as:- drainage,  sewerage pipes, supply of water, underground telecommunications cables, access or rights of way. 

Other property law matters that Greyson Legal can assist you with:

  • resumption of land
  • land subdivisions
  • building covenants
  • encroachment


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